PPI Claims

Over £22 billion has been set-aside by the UK’s banks, because of the mis selling of payment protection insurance. This scandal has blighted the UK financial sector in the last couple of years. This insurance was mis sold to millions of people in the UK on mortgages, loans and insurance products.

For people wanting to make a claim, they need to remember that they shouldn’t hesitate and instead take action as soon as possible, as the UK’s banks and the UK government have hinted on several occasions, that they may be about to call time on the PPI claims culture and set a deadline for claims.

ppi claimsBefore making a PPI claim, it is advised that people take their time in choosing the right company to make a PPI claim with. Many ppi claims management companies are well known for fleecing people, when they have made a claim with them, by charging them hidden fees and taking huge and unwarranted slices of the ppi compensation claim payouts.

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www.directppiclaimsco.com, are a different company altogether from other PPI claims management companies. Since 2009 we have worked on thousands of PPI cases and in doing so, we have won, nearly £30 million pounds for our customers. We have many testimonials which testify to this face and which can be seen by visiting our website. In addition to this is the fact that we do not charge any hidden fees, costs or administrative charges, when you make a claim with us. Also, we work all of the ppi claims handled by us on a no win no fee basis, which means essentially, there are no costs born by a person if they make a claim and they then do not win.

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